Pátek 29. května 2020, svátek má Maxmilián, Maxim
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Litujeme, ale tato diskuse byla uzavřena a již do ní nelze vkládat nové příspěvky.
Děkujeme za pochopení.

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Spojeným státům teče do bot a pan velvyslanec se u nás zajímá o cikorky :(

22.1.2013 15:57

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Minority you have mentioned did not manage to get itself "integrate" for thousand years. They do not care for our way of life at all. Man who is working here gets choped off money he can´t use to feed and raise his own kids are given to people who do not care for work and do not even try to get it and just multiply.

And same problem we get with subsets other immigrants here... as long as they work and live for their own noone cares. (Very few people here have problem with Vietnamese, chinese, hell even completly black (noone of them is Afro-american and I think it is completly useles to use different distinction when simple and totally OBVIOUS tool to distict is plainly visible) people from Africa who actualy work here... noone cares, they are easily tolerated).

Muslims come here and ask us to respect their culture and abolish ours... No, the only real answer is "Go either home, or to hell".

Roma have THOUSAND years of reputation of stealing, and NOT doing any work or even attempting to live as we live (their families are more or less impervious to education... comunists forced them to schools for 40 years... did not work). You know... at least part of the "afroamerican" comunity WANTED to integrate and actualy to achieve something shoved some aptitude about it. Roma have not shown such aptitude for millenium. All they ask is to give them resources to feed them.

Their cultural choice is to have many kids... incredibly risky to employ a female... most likely one keeps paying lot of money to it, has to keep a job position opened... and if she has lot of kids, they get ill... she then also isn´t at work.

Everyone in past 1000 years in Europe have tried some way to integrate (or wipe out) Roma... Everyone failed... and both experiments used much more powerful tools than are used now. So pardon me if I consider any attempt to "integrate them" (none current is actualy original... ) predoomed to failure. (and absolutely wasteful in resources which we do not haveú

22.1.2013 14:31

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Repeating same thing which hasn´t worked over and over again is NOT likely to produce different results.

If someone actualy comes with something original I do not mind making an experiment.

Everything that did not work in the past (and is repeated) should be immediately discontinued. And if nothing original is presented then what we need is utter LACK of any attempts.

(Most of the time dooing absolutely nothing is better than any conscious action)

22.1.2013 14:36

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"Den inaugurace" Hezké, ale my se ptáme: kdo by to u nás případně přečetl za Kódla.

22.1.2013 14:16


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